Make something of your life

Sup’ yall.

Over here enjoying life. I am thinking right now about other young people like myself who want to do something with their life, but don’t know what to do. I would tell them, just go for it. Whatever you want. As long as its beneficial and will help people. Start with what you have. Do what you can. Don’t wait for some amazing revelation to befall you as you sit upon your chair, or like many these days, your bed – busily doing nothing. Inspiration will strike, when you’re doing something positive with your life. (That rhymed.) Whatever you do, make sure it’s positive. Be busy. Soaking your mind with perfect knowledge. Build what you want in life.

So yeah. Just my thoughts. Hope you are having a great day 🙂

Dress to Respect

Has anyone ever told you ‘go back and change.’

I hope they did. Cause, so many times people need to hear that.

If you don’t respect yourself – your clothing will inform everyone.

You might have heard the saying “Dress to impress.” This saying carries a bit of truth, actually.

Now we all have different styles and that’s fab. It makes us unique– whether you prefer dresses or skirts, pants with polka-dots, button-up tops…but if we dress in an inappropriate manner, this is where it begins reflecting on our character.

Who taught our teens and young people that it seems so cool to have clothes that are skimpy, or pants that are — pinned? I guess? Lower than they should. …I say pinned, because I can’t figure out how else they stay on.

I have a serious issue with this. I can guarantee you one thing, no one could make it in to see the Queen of England wearing something like that.

It has really become bothersome for me to see this behavior here lately more than ever. Because it’s not just in the local Wal-mart,(sorry Wal-mart fans) or the local mall in town. It’s in my very own neighborhood…. I see it when I look out my window.

If any of my neighbors so occur to be reading this, or any other individuals that I’ve seen dressed this way are reading my blog post, (first off, thanks for reading my blog!) and secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to exhort you:

Please. Go back and change.

Your clothes talk. What are your clothes saying to the world.

Lemme know what you think!


Sometimes this one, simple little word can seem oh so hard. When we find out we were wrong, we can feel stuck. It can feel like the murky waters are too deep. Or that we’re too covered in mud. Or….that what if as we try and change we just…cant’ do it

But when it comes down to it, change requires us recognizing that we really can do this- if we only will, and go at it with all our might.

I saw this quote that said if you want something you never had before- you’ve gotta do something you’ve never done before.

How true.

No matter how deep you’ve sunk, there’s always hope where there is life and determination. Never ever give up on yourself or others.

Ever had a day like this?


LiFe & nAiLs

Ever had a day like this?
Everything is going along great, making progress, enjoying life and then…
Something seemingly out of nowhere knocks you down. No, I’m not talking about physically being knocked down but mentally and emotionally. You know the feeling.
It is just about the worst thing ever. And not even so much the fact that you were knocked down, which is undoubtedly hard, but facing the reality that you now have to put your broken self back together & get back up. Something that you hadn’t planned on having to do today. Something that is so very hard. Something that momentarily feels impossible.
Notice the word momentarily.
There is a wise saying…
Don’t make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions.
Sometimes I would that I could shut them off. Those draining, often times confusing feelings called emotions.
download (1)
Sometimes they feel like this painting by CK – Art.
Yeah. FUN…

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Inmate Blogger

You can spend minutes, hours.
Days, weeks or even months.
Over-Analyzing a situation;

Trying to put the pieces together.
Justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened.

…or you can just leave the pieces on the floor.
And move on!

Your choice!

Live your life and don’t sweat the small stuff life brings your way and you’ll find less stress in your life, that’s what I’m saying above.

Because I spent over 5 years trying to analyze why and how I got sent to prison. It wasted a lot of my mind capacity that it shouldn’t of. My choices I made that one early morning were the wrong ones. I’m learning every day though.

Until next time…

Tony Gidican
DOC # 301528

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