The important things in life

For so long it seems people have lost the meaning of values. Now the important things to many people, are just the opposite of what they should be. Why do people take joy in watching violence and suffering on television in the name of ‘entertainment’? Why do people camp in front of Apple for a week to get the latest iPhone, and trample any one or any thing in their path to get to that iPhone that they need! They been waiting for a whole week for this thing!!

There are things in life more important. Things that society has seemed to lose. Self-respect, peace, listening to people, patience, kindness, self-control. Morality. Teaching our kids ourselves, instead of letting the TV dump garbage into their innocent minds. Finding joy in life. (even when away from the iPhone) The definition of a true lady. Healthy living. These are the things that move me to break silence. Bringing back the basics and finding the beauty in life is very important to me, because as a young person in this generation, I feel that society is so depleted.

The character lessons are missing! Why, this oughta be the top thing in our minds. We look around and see school shootings, bullying, and violence. Parents put their children in front of these movies, as this being an entertaining and acceptable thing– where the people are ‘acting’ all these bad scenes out, and then ask why they have so many behavioral issues. Societies values have diminished from what they used to be.

Being raised with an excellent character program, I guess these things stick out to me. I never had gotten into a lot of the troubles that many kids my age got, and get into…so when I see into this troubled world, it makes me want to make a difference. I am very grateful to have been raised with the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. Here’s their website right here. And no, I don’t get anything for tellin y’all about it!! LOL.

Come on, people. It’s about change. Change doesn’t start with the other guy.  I once heard a quote from a very wise teacher, who said “Moral character is not only the solution, it is our obligation.” Now, I know sometimes we can have lazy tendencies, but this, my friends isn’t something we can afford to be lazy about. This is our future we’re talking about here. Our next president, our future congressmen and women, our future UPS delivery guys, our future teachers, and dads and moms, are the kids that are growing up today. To me, its ever so clear that if we want a sane world then, we need to teach character now.


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