I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect topic. Well I am so moved right now that I have to say something, after coming across some animal rescue videos.

You can tell that these poor little animals were abused. They are scared. Left in sewers, rivers, side of roads, dumps, even one, near an animal shelter…just so the person wouldn’t have to pay the 25.00 fee for dropping it off.

How can people be so cruel to poor little helpless animals? One, was left for dead with it’s stomach cut open…yet, this sweet, loving, affectionate baby was wagging his tail when someone came to his aid. It makes me so sad that such a loving and helpless little animal would be hurt in such a horrible way.

How can someone do this kind of thing?


There’s many stories of animal abuse out there. But it’s beyond me, knowing, that animals have feelings too. They feel pain, they feel love, and joy. And they give so much love to humans who love them back.

As sad as it is to see the pain they go through, it brings me joy to see the comfort they feel when they are found and taken care of, and loved. But mannn,…think about it people.

All life deserves respect, and love. I don’t care how irritated a person gets, or how one feels at the moment…there’s no way a person should forget how that little life is feeling when it’s mistreated.

Sometimes I just want to go get a hurting puppy and comfort it so that it knows there are people out there who care!