Y’all, welcome to my blog, Beauteous Beginnings!

I hope you get inspired. 🙂

I’m a (sort-of) blogger, peace advocate, and fond of all things inspiring, wholesome, moral and beautiful!

I love to focus on the positive in life and bring forth those things that inspire and build others up 🙂

I’m also a fake freelance writer. I really don’t like writing. Which is why I made a blog!! (I know I make a lot of sense, don’t I?) But that being said, I do like writing poems.

I spend my time doing things like making music, studying, cleaning… and last but definitely not least, I am very grateful to be a supporter of the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. I’ve done been raised with this program, and I have seen the benefits it has brought within my life, thick and through my teen years, and I love it. Hats off. 🙂

It’s my goal to leave you feeling motivated and encouraged every time you drop in.

As always, stay awesome!!



2 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you for your comment! The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program is a non profit organization that teaches character education in lessons designed for all ages. This program has been taught to thousands and so many throughout the world have turned their life around for the better and become productive citizens in society.

      It teaches about character, how your character affects your choices, acceptance, respect, self-control, responsibility, and it goes deep into the every day issues we face like racism, conflicts, negative thoughts, bullying, negative peer pressure, and lack of self-respect. It helps people see the value in themselves, as well as others.

      Time wouldn’t permit me to speak about all the many things it teaches but one particular tool that is helpful is the acronym called “STOP”. S- Stop. T-Think. O-Options, and P-Proceed. This stop acronym is helpful to use in situations where you may be pressured to do something wrong, or you find yourself making wrong decisions. It reminds you to stop and think first about your options before you make rash decisions.

      This program has such potential. I would encourage anyone who is interested to contact them at info@peacefulsolution.org and see how you can get involved!

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