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What’s In Your Music?

Okay y’all. I’ve been thinking about music lately. I’m not trying to scare anybody, trust me. I love music. But one time I found out that music can have really bad lyrics.

Sometime ago, I made up my mind that I would never listen to something until I made sure the lyrics were only going to build my mind.

My decision came in, ultimately, because I realized how powerful music can be to our minds. I read an article once where some teens listened to satanic rock music, and that influenced them so powerfully, that they actually went to a park and committed suicide. One of the guys suffered a delayed and painful death, because he didn’t die instantly. He said before he died; (I’m paraphrasing)…. “It was like I couldn’t stop.”

This is serious business. Music is very powerful. It can really draw us in, and especially us youth. We can get so caught up in the beat that we forget everything about what it’s actually saying! Sometimes if you start really paying attention to the lyrics of certain songs, it’s like you can actually feel your IQ dropping by the second. It’s more than just a great beat, and if it’s negative, it can stunt our positive character growth.

If the music promotes violence, inappropriate behaviors, or silly ideas that we wouldn’t DO, then why would we want to listen to it? Why not fill your mind with something that’s going to motivate you to reach higher, to be better in life, to have a positive mood, and to make the right choices?

It really goes beyond music though. Think about the shows on TV, for instance. Or the movies. If it’s violence or inappropriate in the name of ‘entertainment’, personally, I would cut it out. It affects your thoughts more than you realize.

I challenge you to go through your music CD’s and such, and weed out anything that’s negative. You’ll see a big change in your thought process!

Try it. You’ll like it. 🙂


Dress to Respect

You can’t tell everything about a person’s character by how they’re dressed– but you sure can tell this: whether or not they have self-respect.

You might have heard the saying “Dress to impress.” This saying carries a bit of truth, actually.

We demonstrate through how we are dressed whether or not we have respect for ourselves.

We show, in essence, how we expect to be treated. We show either how dignified we are, and that we want others to see us this way, or we can demonstrate that we don’t really care how we get handled, or how we are treated.

We all have different styles and that’s great. We don’t by any means have to be dressed professionally at all times. The point is that it’s wise to dress respectfully at all times.

Now we all have different styles and that’s fab. It makes us unique– whether you prefer dresses or skirts, pants with polka-dots, button-up tops…if you like soft colors, or maybe earthy tones….but when we dress in an inappropriate manner, this is where it begins reflecting on our character.

Who taught our teens and young people that it seems so cool to have clothes that are skimpy, or pants that are — PINNED, can I say, lower than they should. I say pinned, because that’s the only way I can figure out that they stay where they stay.

I have a serious issue with this. I can guarantee you one thing, no one could make it in to see the Queen of England wearing something like that.

It has really become bothersome for me to see this behavior here lately more than ever. Because it’s not just in the local Wal-mart,(sorry Wal-mart fans) or the local mall in town. It’s in my very own neighborhood…. I see it when I look out my window.

If any of my neighbors so occur to be reading this, or any other individuals that I’ve seen dressed this way are reading my blog post, (first off, thanks for reading my blog!) and secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to exhort you:

Please. Want to be appropriate and respectful with your clothing. Show how much respect you have for yourself!

Sometimes it can just mean a few extra seconds when we get ready in the morning to make sure we are dressed appropriate and respectful.

Some may disagree, but our manner of dress is a big factor in defining who we are character wise, and of course, what kind of personality we have.

We can really say a lot just by the clothes we wear. So I challenge you to take a moment to consider what kind of things your clothes are saying to the world.

What do you think? Please let me know if you agree!

Ever had a day like this?


LiFe & nAiLs

Ever had a day like this?
Everything is going along great, making progress, enjoying life and then…
Something seemingly out of nowhere knocks you down. No, I’m not talking about physically being knocked down but mentally and emotionally. You know the feeling.
It is just about the worst thing ever. And not even so much the fact that you were knocked down, which is undoubtedly hard, but facing the reality that you now have to put your broken self back together & get back up. Something that you hadn’t planned on having to do today. Something that is so very hard. Something that momentarily feels impossible.
Notice the word momentarily.
There is a wise saying…
Don’t make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions.
Sometimes I would that I could shut them off. Those draining, often times confusing feelings called emotions.
download (1)
Sometimes they feel like this painting by CK – Art.
Yeah. FUN…

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