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True To Beauty- My First Online Store!

Okay everyone.

I launched a store a while back and decided I would really give this a try. Would you help me spread the word so that I can get my first few customers please?

The design collections are made by me, so you will get a truly unique product!

Please keep in mind that my store is new. Some items are a little higher than I would have wanted, but I’m still figuring it all out.


Here is the main page, plus links to a few particular items…

My store page:

Find The Joy Mugs~

Stay Positive Throw Pillow~

Stay Positive Wall Decal~

Peaceful Purple Diaper Bag~

Thank you so much!!!!!!


Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog, Beauteous Beginnings! Where I talk about everything from positive and inspiring things, education, and parenting, to things like housekeeping, organization, and beauty.

I know, my blog is just a baby right now… But you can watch it grow. Promise me that you will keep a great eye on it please? 🙂

I’ll be sharing my thoughts as I can. So have a seat. Get you a cup of coffee. Right now. Unless you don’t like it… I won’t make you drink something you don’t like.

It’s my hope that I can inspire you to become a better you, and that you will enjoy your stay!

As always…stay tuned!