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It’s so true, my friends.

Think Positive, Be Positive

Always be moving forward. What’s done is done. Things that are meant to be will be…just keep moving.

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Ever had a day like this?


LiFe & nAiLs

Ever had a day like this?
Everything is going along great, making progress, enjoying life and then…
Something seemingly out of nowhere knocks you down. No, I’m not talking about physically being knocked down but mentally and emotionally. You know the feeling.
It is just about the worst thing ever. And not even so much the fact that you were knocked down, which is undoubtedly hard, but facing the reality that you now have to put your broken self back together & get back up. Something that you hadn’t planned on having to do today. Something that is so very hard. Something that momentarily feels impossible.
Notice the word momentarily.
There is a wise saying…
Don’t make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions.
Sometimes I would that I could shut them off. Those draining, often times confusing feelings called emotions.
download (1)
Sometimes they feel like this painting by CK – Art.
Yeah. FUN…

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Remember February 12th?…

It’s been a little while. Okay so… do y’all remember my post about February 12th?

I said I was going to participate with PAVE’s No Violent Viewing Day. It’s coming upon us fast. So my question is, will you do it too?

Just one day of no violent viewing–to raise awareness of the negative effects that violent viewing has on a mind.

Imagine if we all unified to take a stand against the glorification of violence on this day, and shut the negative influence off.

PAVE (People against violent examples) just recently released their latest 2015 promotional video. Click here to watch it please!

Be sure to spread the word, and let PAVE know you’re in too!

Here is their Facebook page.

We can do it!

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